During his term as Education Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat led the Ministry of Education (MOE) to embark on a journey towards making every school a good school. The apophthegm ‘Every school, a good school’ made waves when it was first mentioned and was the subject of online discussion. Three Education Ministers later, it is time for us to take a look at whether we have achieved what DPM Heng set out to do.

Let us first take a look at what each Education Minister had to say about ‘Every School, a Good School’.

“Every school a good…

News of sexual assault has been plastered on the walls of our social media platforms. Personal stories of women and men getting sexually harassed are shared almost daily, whether it be following a recent case in the news, or just as part of our daily internet conversations. This is not something new. A culture that is lenient towards assaulters and doubtful of victims has been inculcated in our systems and people.

Women have taken a stand, through movements and educational resources targeting men, telling us to do better. Unfortunately, the response from some men has been less than satisfactory. …

It is easy to dismiss complaints about the psychological toll that conscription takes on 18-year old recruits by attributing it to a ‘strawberry generation’, or by telling them to ‘man-up’. However, we are not at war, and losing men to suicide or long-term depression issues is not acceptable, especially during peacetime.

Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) serving in the Singapore Army have it quite different from the rest of the world. Some countries conscript and draft able-bodied men when tensions with other countries rise, while countries like South Korea have no other choice — their nation is still at war. …

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

With Former President Donald Trump’s Operation ‘Warp Speed’ well underway in the United States, politicians like NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang have fielded the idea of a ‘vaccine passport’. What this passport entails differs from proposer to proposer, but the general idea is that the passport — a certification that one has been vaccinated, should allow one access to things that the non-vaccinated won’t.

As Singapore begins to kickstart her own vaccination programme, it is worth our while to take a quick look at this idea, especially since Minister Lawrence Wong had brought it up in a recent press conference.

This is an opinion article. The views of the author do not reflect that of the organisation that he belongs to.

When confronted with discussions about LGBT rights in Singapore, the argument that homosexuality is against ‘traditional Chinese values’ — something apparently so revered by Chinese Singaporeans, will be brought up without fail.

Should these folks do some research into what these Chinese values actually are, they will find that there are not any concrete writings or beliefs specifically targeting homosexuality. What these Singaporeans may also find interesting is this — homosexuality was generally accepted in China before Western influence…

Disclaimer: The content in this article contains satire, and should not be interpreted as factual information about TraceTogether. For up-to-date information, please refer to the TraceTogether website, as well as resources from the Ministry of Health. This article is not meant to formulate your opinion on the programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the need for healthcare and government workers worldwide to become contact tracers — a job that requires one to be able to effectively interpret data in a timely manner. …

If you’ve been on the internet or read the papers recently, you would be aware of the new ban placed on Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) from riding on footpaths as of 5th November 2019.

This is in line with policy makers attempting to clamp down on irresponsible owners and errant riders in recent months, as a result of a constant slew of PMD-related incidents and accidents.

From void-deck fires to fatal collisions, it may seem that the future of a car-lite world may be killing us, rendering us incapable of leaving the house, in fear of being ran over by…

Pictured: Raffles Ultimate getting ready for the finals of the 14th Inter-JC Ultimate Championship

Throughout my 2 years of photographing Ultimate Frisbee in and out of school, I’ve mainly learnt through experience. There are many guides out there on how to do sports photography, but few cover the sport of Ultimate specifically. In this article, I will be breaking down the steps you should take to achieve top quality photographs of Ultimate.

Step One: Understand how the game is played

When you understand what is going on during a game, it helps you to be able to predict players movements, and to know where to set up your camera to get the best photographs. …

Let’s make this year’s post short and sweet.

For those who have been with me since Secondary School, you would know that I have been doing photography since 2013, when I was in Secondary 1. Since then, I’ve photographed many places, people, and events.

This year was a special year, as I decided to volunteer for less events, and to attempt to find my photography style.

A Rough Start — Jam & Hop 2018

My first event of 2018 was Jam & Hop, a yearly orientation affair, this time held at Innova Junior College due to the merger.

It was February 14, and my fellow photographers and I…

Any Junior College student, former or current, will know that ‘Media’ is a huge theme in the General Paper syllabus — in 2017, fake news made up a huge part of the content taught in my GP classes.

Why we need Fake News.

Before we talk about ‘fake news’, we need to distinguish them into different groups. Do note that these groups have many sub-groups in themselves, and there may be other types or groups that exist.

  1. Opinion based news. (Biased Reporting)
  2. False inferences from data. (Global warming ‘not a thing’ due to Global cooling)
  3. Inferences from data that are…

Maximilian Oh

Photographer and Op-Ed Writer. Political Science Undergraduate at the National University of Singapore.

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